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Orchids, Mark Griffiths

Orchids, Mark GriffithsBook DescriptionA fabulous work. Highly recommended. - Library Journal

Orchids were brought to Europe from the tropics and subtropics beginning in the 17th century, and by 1839, English plant nurseries were selling 1,600 different kinds ofthe flower. Long prized for their exotic beauty and astonishing variety, orchids are the royal family of the plant kingdom. The story of this flower, from the hunt for new varieties in the wild in the 1800s to the development of the more than 100,000 hybrids that exist today, is related in fascinating detail in Orchids .

This beautiful book features text by one of the worlds foremost orchid authorities alongside spectacular watercolor portraits of prize-winning orchids from the Royal Horticultural Society in London, which spearheaded orchid cultivation in Western Europe beginning in the 19th century. This exquisite collection of paintings commissioned by the RHS every year since 1897 represents the ultimate orchid pictorial history. Now ina reduced format, Orchids is an indispensable sourcebook for those captivated by the beauty and infinite variety of this glamorous flower. AUTHOR BIO: Mark Griffiths, one of the worlds foremost writers on orchids, has edited and written numerous publications on orchids and horticulture. He was editor of The New Royal Horticulture of Gardening , and was awarded the Garden Writers Guild Special Award for a Work of Outstanding Excellence for his RHS Manual, Orchids . Griffiths is horticultural correspondent for The Times, London . Обо всём этом и не только в книге Orchids (Mark Griffiths)

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