• 19:33 – Racing in the Rain: My Years with Brilliant Drivers, Legendary Sports CArs, and a Dedicated Team, J. Horsman 
  • 16:14 – Проектирование и эффективность летательных аппаратов, В. А. Грущанский, А. А. Дергачев 
  • 15:21 – Автохимия. Краткий справочник, А. Ф. Синельников, Р. А. Синельников 
  • 16:55 – Правила дорожного движения Российской Федерации 

Idoru, William Gibson

Idoru, William GibsonAfter an attack of scruples, Colin Laneys skipped out on his former employer Slitscan - avoiding the rash of media lawyers sent his way -and taken a job for the outfit managing Japanese rock duo Lo/Rez. Rez has announced hes going to marry an idoru by the name of Rei Toi - she exists only in virtual reality - and this creates complications that Laney, a net runner, is supposed to sort out. But when Chai, part of Lo/Rezs fan club, turns up unaware that shes carrying illegal nanoware for the Russian Kombinat, Laneys scruples nudge him towards trouble all over again. And this time lawyersll be the least of his worries . . . Обо всём этом и не только в книге Idoru (William Gibson)

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