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  • 14:06 – Ford Focus 2005-2009. Ремонт и техническое обслуживание, Мартин Рэндалл 
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  • 10:28 – Ленинградскому автолюбителю. Справочник 

The Quiet Man (Ireland Into Film), Luke Gibbons

The Quiet Man (Ireland Into Film), Luke GibbonsBook DescriptionJohn Fords The Quiet Man (1952) is the most popular cinematic representation of Ireland, and one of Hollywoods classic romantic comedies. For some viewers and critics the film is a powerful evocation of romantic Ireland and the searchfor home; for others, it is a showcase for the worst stereotypes of stage-Irishry. Much of Irish cinema since the development of an indigenous film industry in the 1980s has set its face firmly against these mythic images of Ireland, but no film has yet attained the enduring appeal of The Quiet Man. In this radical reappraisal of Fords Oscar-winning film, Luke Gibbons traces its development from Maurice Walshs original story (1933) and argues that its romantic excesses are a symptom of much darker undercurrents in the literary text, and the displacement of trauma that often underlies nostalgia. Moreover, Gibbons ably demonstrates how the film, rather than indulging in escapism, actually questions its own romantic illusions and the dream of returning to an Irish paradise lost. Обо всём этом и не только в книге The Quiet Man (Ireland Into Film) (Luke Gibbons)

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