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Designing Menus with Encore DVD, John Skidgel

Designing Menus with Encore DVD, John SkidgelBook DescriptionCreate great looking, functional menus with Encore DVD 1.5. This full-color book offers an insiders tour of the application - and your guide is the designer himself! You get all the essentials, including a concise description of the relevant DVD specifications and real-world tutorial projects that demonstrate how you can: P#183; Get fast, professional results BR#183; Add Hollywood features to your DVD BR#183; Streamline production while maintaining a creative edge PMaster the principles of interface design. The visual appeal and navigational structure of DVD menus are crucial to their success. Learn the secrets of an award-winning interface designer, as author John Skidgel shows you: P#183; How menus are structured on aDVD disc BR#183; Strategies for designing menus BR#183; How to design interaction and visuals BR#183; The relative merits of still vs. motion menus POptimize your tools. Encore DVD offers unparalleled integration with other Adobe applications. As the senior interface designer for Encore DVD, the author is uniquely qualified to demonstrate how you can realize your menu designs with efficient techniques to: P#183; Create a wide variety of menu styles in Photoshop and After Effects BR#183; Automate image production BR#183; Customize menus BR#183; Construct seamless motion menus PGreat Disc Content-in addition to tutorial media and design goodies, the DVD contains templates essential to the design process, including usability and research documents and interaction design flowcharts. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Designing Menus with Encore DVD (John Skidgel)

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