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Fashion Since 1900: The Complete Sourcebook, John Peacock

Fashion Since 1900: The Complete Sourcebook, John PeacockHere, in more than 1250 full-colour illustrations, is the most comprehensive and detailed history and sourcebook of fashion in the modern era ever published. From the styles of the early 1900s to those of the 21st century, John Peacock charts the development of womens fashion in all its aspects: couture wear, underwear, leisure wear, day wear, evening wear, bridal wear and accessories.
Fashions greatest international designers and designs are all found here: from Worths visiting dress, Chanels suits, Balenciagas classic gowns, Diors New Look, Courreges space-age creations and Mary Quants mini-dresses to recent designs from the collections of Calvin Klein, Dolce Cabbana, Gucci, Vivienne Westwood and others.
Photography could never capture so faithfully the dazzling variety of these designs: indeed, many which predate the advent of colour photography have never before been shown in their original colours. John Peacocks wide-ranging research, using not only paintings and photographs but also the garments themselves, has allowed him to reproduce in meticulous detail their lines, shapes, weaves, patterns and colours. Arranged decade by decade, the pictures are accompanied by complete descriptions of each garment and accessory, including the fabric, cut and pattern. Every detail - collars, cuffs, pockets, buttons and trimmings - is noted.

Формат: 21 см х 28,5 см. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Fashion Since 1900: The Complete Sourcebook (John Peacock)

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